Your Ride to the Front of the Fleet

Hapco Albacore 8124 ** 2nd place at 2009 Ontario Championship**

Production Albacores Now Under Construction
Available for delivery in 2011

Hapco is transitioning to the initial production run of Albacores during 2011.

Each boat will be built to the highest standards. We begin with resin infused thermoformed foam core hull and foam core deck, tanks and components. These boats will be hand assembled using methacrylate adhesives, epoxy fillets and fiberglass tabbing bonded using epoxy resin. All composite components, hull, deck, seats, tanks and other interior components are gel coated. Fittings are attached with stainless steel fasteners which are sealed into laminate to prevent water intrusion. Boats will be built below the class minimum weight so that they require close to the maximum 10 lb. of correctors allowed in the center of the boat.

Production Rigging Package
  • SuperSpar M2 mast and B2 boom with Dyform standing rigging.
  • Milanes high performance wood/fiberglass composite centerboard and rudder
  • 12:1 Adjustable Continuous Jib Halyard with Compensated Elastic Take-up
  • 16:1 Adjustable Continuous Boom Vang with Elastic Take-up
  • 4:1 Outhaul Control
  • 4:1 Main Cunningham Control
  • Mast Bend Deck Strut (6:1 prebend, 8:1 ramback)
  • 2:1 Jib Cunningham Control
  • 3:1 Centerboard Uphaul Control
  • 2:1 Centerboard Downhaul Control and Brake
  • 2 Stainless Steel Ronstan 29” Adjustable Jib Tracks
  • 2.25” Diameter Jib Fairlead Ratchet Blocks
  • 2 High Volume Transom Scuppers
  • 2 Supermax Suction Bailers
  • 2 Independently Adjustable Crew Hiking Straps
  • Small Profile Jib Stick
  • Lifting Rudder Head and Tiller
  • Hapco Split Tail Mainsheet
  • Hapco Jibsheets
  • Deck and Interior Components White Gel Coat
  • Hull Gel Coat Colors: Select

Price: $15,750 assembled and rigged as listed.

Also available- assembled bare hull with major components for rigging by owner.

All boats will be built to order upon receipt of deposit. Delivery sequenced in order of deposits received. Initial deposit, $3,000. Additional progress deposit of $3,000 upon completion of hull assembly. Balance due upon delivery of completed boat. Contact Hapco for additional details.

Sails not included. Price and specifications subject to change without notice.
Contact Hapco for more information or to place your order.