Protect your Hapco Albacore with the best covers
Hapco only provides covers made from the highest quality polyester “army duck” fabric. The heavy (14 oz.) fabric is extremely tough and durable giving years of use in the boat park and endurance for highway travels. These covers will not absorb water and are mildew resistant. They do not stretch or shrink and have excellent UV resistance giving them longer life than typical canvas or acrylic covers.

Available in three colors: gray, tan and light blue.
Custom embroidered boat name or boat number available for small additional charge.

Top Covers

Top covers are available in several styles:
  • Low profile (shown above and below)- this cover lays flat for highway travel and can be tented to shed water with mast up. Designed for use with boom off gooseneck.

  • High profile- this cover is designed to go over boom attached to gooseneck and raised horizontal with halyard or crutch. Primarily for use on wood Albacores and boats stored outdoors for extended periods where in weather protection and internal air circulation are particularly important. Can be pulled flat enough to use for highway travel.

  • Skirts- skirts that cover the topsides of boat down to near the waterline can be added to either low or high profile top covers. These skirts provide additional protection from UV exposure and are often added for varnished boats and those with dark colored gel coats that will be continuously stored outside in strong sunlight.

Bottom Covers

Bottom covers are made of 100% polyester with acrylic coating on interior side. Hapco has the bottom covers specially made with extra material along the keel line to extend the life where fabric wears due to riding on trailer rollers.  Hapco adds an extra drain in the transom to facilitate removal of water when boat is stored in tipped up position so it does not collect water that might become a source of weight gain.